Datafication Nancy

New York, US  |  2019  |  Hsiao-Wen Hu

This project is an exploration of visualizing and recreating a context of data, compiling my personal data from five different digital platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, and Pinterest. These platforms retain the user's personal information and preference in order to make suggestions through their own algorithms. And since these platforms all have their own characteristics and culture, the data they retain on me are also different segments of me. As a result, these algorithm’s have dinstinct assumptions regarding what kind of user or consumer I am. Based on the data that I input in these platforms and the suggestions given by these algorithms, I created five different personas reflecting the different assumptions of me. The personality of the persona is revealed through the settings of the photographs and the appearance of the characters. This project delicately manifests the data and its context.

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Persona #1

Facebook Nancy
A 18 year-old student who wants to study UI/UX Design.

Persona #2

Instagram Nancy
A 32 year-old graphic designer and photographer.

Persona #3

Youtube Nancy
A 35 year-old mom with a 3 year-old child.

Persona #4

Spotify Nancy
A 30 year-old writer who lives in a small town near New York.

Persona #5

Pinterest Nancy
A 25 year-old fashion model who loves patterns.