Craft as
Time Capsule

Postdigital Preservation

This site      

serves as a design response and documentation of Hsiao-Wen Hu’s 2020 graduate thesis research. As a craftsperson and a designer herself, she is particularly interested in the intertranslation between the analog and the digital. With this as her initiative, she began her exploration on the contemporary craft making. Her journey can be divided into three parts, from investigating the value of crafts to utilizing crafts as time capsule to capture and preserve our current digital culture.

This Archive      

collects projects that addresses, responds, or comments on human’s relationship, engagement, or interactivity with the current digital culture. The concept of “postdigital” is proposed by Melvin L. Alexenberg, defined as an attitude that emphases being human rather than being digital in artistic practice. The aim of this archive is to preserve the virtual digital world in a more tangible way, retaining its background and position within the society, showcasing its relationship with humans in addition to computers.
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Hsiao-Wen (Nancy) Hu

2020 Graduate Thesis
MFA Communications Design
Pratt Institute, NY